Risk selection

Select the right customers for you

DueDil’s Business Information Graph (B.I.G.)™ provides unique, real-time insights on SMEs to help you make better decisions. 45% of the information in the B.I.G. can’t be found anywhere else.


Define your risk profile

DueDil ingests billions of data points a day on millions of businesses to provide a comprehensive and accurate view of every UK and Irish company. Quickly define your risk appetite across dozens of parameters.


Get the full picture

Whether it’s your existing book of business or new customers, you need to be able to quickly and accurately quantify your true exposure. DueDil not only surfaces information on the customer in question, but surfaces any related companies, directors or shareholders that could influence a company’s risk profile.


Know where you stand

The old approach to risk banding customers no longer works. Thousands of companies change every day in ways that could be material to your business. Whether you're a lender that wants to know your true exposure or an insurer applying mid-term adjustments, DueDil keeps tabs on your customers automatically so you don’t have to.

Enrich your risk selection engine in minutes

DueDil API

Unique insights to improve risk and underwriting models.

DueDil Web App

Identify the right customers and avoid the wrong ones.

In this ebook, we highlight how organisations like Smart Pension, Innovate UK, Paymentsense and Santander are tackling this complex challenge. Through transforming their onboarding and risk selection process, we hear how these organisations have:

- Accelerated onboarding processes to a matter of minutes, saving valuable time and fuelling sustainable growth
- Enhanced risk management processes to invest with confidence
- Delivered first class customer and employee experiences that attract and retain
- Built ecosystems that are ready to scale

Why it works

Billions of data points captured daily

DueDil’s B.I.G.™ captures data from every UK and Irish business – empowering banks, financial service providers and insurance companies to improve efficiencies and remain in control.

270m relationships at your fingertips

Powered by real-time data, DueDil surfaces more than 270m relationships between companies, directors and shareholders to give you the clearest possible risk assessment of customers and prospects. 

Speed meets certainty

DueDil calculates customer credit risk in minutes – enabling you to underwrite with confidence, and reducing the onboarding process to a matter of minutes, hours or days, not weeks.

Transform your compliance and verification flow

Strike the right balance between FCA regulations and your own internal risk appetite with access to unparalleled digital data on SMEs. Better decisions, powered by better insights.

We believe that creating a best in class customer experience starts with best in class customer insights.

Risk Selection

DueDil’s Business Information Graph (B.I.G.)™ provides unique, real time insights on SMEs to help you make better decisions. 45% of the information in the B.I.G. can’t be found anywhere else.

In Life Monitoring

DueDil’s in-life monitoring capability updates daily and ensures you stay on top of changes in your back book whenever they happen.


DueDil’s best in class API integrates easily into your onboarding journey or third-party applications, providing a customer journey that is frictionless and tailored, reducing the need for manual referrals.

What our clients are saying

“Our customers save so much time on admin when they apply to be matched by us. It’s quick and easy for them - and for us. We use DueDil’s information to accurately assess customers’ risk. And, with the level of detail we get from DueDil we’re able to fine-tune the matching and connect our customer with a provider that suits their profile.”

Katie Ball, Business Finance Specialist, Funding Options.

“We saw the value of DueDil straight away, with time-savings of 30 minutes to 1-hour per application when gathering background information, down from the 3-4 hours it was taking previously”

Mamadou Ferrand, Head of Risk, Newable.

“Our clients need access to high quality digital data to drive better and faster credit decisions for their SME customers. Using DueDil's APIs we are able to access a wide set of valuable data in realtime.”

Mike Kennelly, Director at PwC

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