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Improve data accuracy and enable sales efficiency

Businesses trust DueDil to provide an accurate and holistic view of their total addressable market and target customers.

This is achieved through the depth and breadth of data DueDil provides, the unique features that allow for more granular views of a business or industry and the ability to identify net-new prospects based on key business attributes.

Additionally, businesses can cleanse, append and de-duplicate data to allow sales and marketing operations to ensure their CRM and marketing automation systems are complete with accurate firmographic and financial information on all records.

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The result

A shortened sales cycle, increased win rates and greater confidence in the data used by your organisation.

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  • Advanced Search

    Define your ideal customer profile and find your addressable market using over 40 different advanced search metrics.


    Sync new lead and account details directly to Salesforce, or update existing records using reliable and up-to-date company data.

  • Lists

    Generate lists of territories or target accounts that can be refreshed and monitored for sales triggers and updates.

A workflow rich with data

  1. Analyse whitespace and identify new prospects

    • Create or refine your ideal customer profiles
    • Understand the size of your target market instantly
    • Export net-new prospect records directly to your CRM
  2. Cleanse and enrich your company database

    • Remove stale, duplicate and spam data
    • Update existing records with consistent, detailed firmographics
    • Sync your database for automated data cleansing and enrichment
  3. Segment and target companies more intelligently

    • Unlock detailed insights on your target customers
    • Tailor your message to groups with similar requirements
    • Priotise high-growth companies or those entering their budget window
  4. Manage sales territories effectively

    • Import hierarchical ownership data to connect parents or subsidiaries
    • Plan territories using geographic, financial and hierarchical datapoints
    • Rank companies to ensure fair distribution of key prospects

How DueDil gives Reward Gateway the competitive edge

When Reward Gateway needed to drive net new pipeline, they switched to DueDil to find the results they were looking for.

£700kfirst year pipeline
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    A solution for teams to identify prospects, conduct compliance checks and assess risk.

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