CRM Data Cleansing

Cleanse CRM records and enrich your company database

DueDil for CRM Data Hygiene

Cleanse, append and de-duplicate data to ensure that CRM and marketing automation systems are complete with accurate firmographic and financial data. Customer data can become outdated very quickly and human error can mean that it is entered incorrectly.

Regular database cleansing is essential for maintaining the quality of your database, improving your sales efforts and keeping costs down.

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  • RewardGateway
  • Leyton
  • Softcat
  • PaymentSense
  • CCSMedia
  • Deliveroo

Plan territories effectively and save time

CRM data cleansing enables sales and marketing teams to map out territories more effectively, prioritise leads efficiently and ensure that each team member is working with correct, up-to-date information.

Integrate complete and consistent coverage across your entire CRM database

Update your existing records with accurate, dependable and detailed firmographics

Improve data hygiene and remove duplicate, inconsistent and stale records with ease

Regularly sync your database with automated data cleaning and enrichment

01. Objectives

Leyton needed to improve the quality of the financial information their sales graduates and BDM's used for prospecting. They had previously relied on disparate and inefficient prospecting methods, which led to delays in contacting prospects and subsequently to lost opportunities.

02. Actions

Adopted DueDil to identify potential customers by industry, location and company size, and to monitor these prospects for buying signals. They also integrated DueDil with their Salesforce CRM to ensure all records were tagged for tracking progress through to contract and simultaneously cleansing their CRM data.

03. Results


Revenue return per rep by £60,000


1-2 Additional sales per day due to time savings


Suggested plan

  • Advanced Search

  • Salesforce Connector

  • CSV Uploads and Exports

  • Lists

  • Activity Dashboard

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