Data Enrichment

Enrich CRM records with the data points that matter to you

DueDil for Data Enrichment and Segmentation

Enrich your CRM with data points that matter to your business, and ensure that your go-to-market teams can identify companies that meet your success criteria, enabling them to target prospects and customers with tailored, relevant messages.

Data enrichment allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and enables more precise segmentation of prospects.

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  • RewardGateway
  • Leyton
  • Softcat
  • PaymentSense
  • CCSMedia
  • Deliveroo

Target prospects more effectively

Appending CRM records with rich data enables sales teams to prioritise their prospects more efficiently, map out territories effectively and maximise the chance of sales success as result of relaying rich, up-to-date company information.

Plan territories using geographical, financial and hierarchical data points

Gain insight and prioritise high-growth companies in your addressable market

Unlock relevant and detailed insights on your target customers and addressable market

Import hierarchical ownership data to connect parent or subsidiary companies in your CRM

01. Objectives

Paymentsense was struggling to efficiently verify new customers as part of their compliance and AML checks. Their vision was to be able to scale and onboard new customers faster and more efficiently than their competitors for added differentiation.

02. Actions

Paymentsense utilised the Essentials + Ownership package to integrate the DueDil API into their custom onboarding process. This enabled Paymentsense to automatically verify the ownership and corporate group structures of their customers.

03. Results


onboarded in 2017


KYC and AML checks

We can now scale through automation. It used to take us 5 hours to complete new customer on boarding and become compliant, compared to two weeks using traditional paper-based methods. DueDil is a major contributing factor in this.

Nick Fryer



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