Whitespace Analysis

Analyse whitespace and identify net-new prospects

DueDil for Whitespace Analysis

Expand your company's addressable market by identifying net-new prospects that are specifically not currently on your radar through white space mapping. Strike the right balance between coverage, granularity and reducing noise.

Whitespace analysis enables companies to find a gap that they can take advantage of to increase sales or increase their market share in a crowded market.

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Create and Refine Your Ideal Customer Profile

Businesses trust DueDil to provide an accurate and holistic view of their addressable market or target customers for white space analysis. This is achieved through the depth and breadth of data DueDil provides, which enables sales teams to analyse their existing customer base to identify the traits of the most successful customer segments, and identify new prospects that fulfil the same criteria.

Create or refine your ideal customer profiles

Understand the size of your target market instantly

Export net-new prospect records directly to your CRM

Utilise an accurate source of data that can be used across multiple teams across a company

01. Objectives

Not generating enough quality leads due to bad CRM

02. Actions

Using DueDil, they were able to quickly cleanse their CRM and dramatically reduce time spent prospecting – saving 13 hours per person each

03. Results


first-year pipeline opportunities versus £80,000 with previous provider


won revenue in year one versus £12,000 the previous year

With DueDil, we can trust that the product will always develop with us as we develop as a business.

Louis Kwayke

Head Of Business Development


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