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Maximise efficiency and accuracy in customer and supplier set-up

Manually typing customer or supplier information into forms or databases is time consuming and prone to human error. Often it is only during this data gathering stage that problematic characteristics of a company emerge.

To limit time wasted on unqualified leads, DueDil is the perfect workflow companion to complement Salesforce and LinkedIn.

Automating the onboarding of customers and suppliers allows teams to minimise manual effort and analyse all information about a company in an instant – identifying risks, or opportunities, that require further human intervention.

DueDil’s API is simple to integrate with your website, platform or internal database so that simply typing a company name or number “auto-populates” the fields you require. Once a company is in your system, its data can be refreshed regularly.

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The result

You are able to approve customers and suppliers with precision at a higher rate and your team’s time is focused on businesses that deserve their attention.

Estimate the ROI you could achieve by using DueDil to streamline onboarding:

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  • API

    Automate a wide variety of business functions by integrating DueDil’s data into your workflow, for solutions like populating prospect lists or verifying customer credentials.

  • Advanced Search

    Stop focusing on the companies you know. Instead, find companies that fit your ideal customer profile using over 40 different metrics.

  • Salesforce

    Update existing accounts or create entirely new ones using reliable and up-to-date data.

A connected workflow to streamline onboarding

  1. Improve quality of prospects with account-based marketing

    • Seek out target companies based on pre-defined criteria
    • Tailor campaigns to highly-targeted segments
    • Address targets accounts based on their specific needs
  2. Match company data for pre-qualify leads

    • Prioritise prospects accordingly and filter out unsuitable businesses
    • View comprehensive company information, including turnover and head count
    • Upload CSV files containing prospects to create a List
  3. Streamline onboarding by automating forms

    • Autofill forms using the DueDil API
    • Improve user experience and customer retention during sign-up
    • Ensure database information is up-to-date and accurate
  4. Gain a complete view of any market

    • Assess performance and trends across different segments
    • Identify untapped areas for outreach
    • Maximise campaign performance and efficiency

How DueDil gives TransferWise the competitive edge

TransferWise turn to the DueDil API to validate financials of new business customers.

60%verification rate
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