A single tool leveraged by teams across your business

DueDil is the only company intelligence tool that works across all of the departments in your organisation.

Your financial team can have confidence in your sales pipeline

Your sales team can trust their opportunities will flow through compliance

And, most importantly, you will rest assured that your business is safe and your revenues are predictable

DueDil offers a data platform that is used by teams across a business, from sales to credit risk, marketing to compliance, and more.

By combining multiple, comprehensive datasets into an easy-to-navigate tool, DueDil is a single solution that brings value to multiple teams.

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Many people in a company rely on data to evaluate opportunity and risk.

Regardless of the specific requirements of your team

DueDil can serve as the authoritative source of company information for your entire business to contextualise and navigate the relationships between different types of data.

Financial information on11,200,460companies in UK & Ireland
Financial and linkages for13,352,758directors in UK & Ireland
Information sourced from over20authoritative datasets

To learn more about how DueDil can be used throughout your company, contact us to hear about our multi-department offerings.

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