DueDil for Credit

DueDil provides credit teams with all the tools they need to calculate a company's ability to meet financial obligations based on the it's credit rating, financial status and performance.

With comprehensive company and directorship information, a powerful API and alert functionality, DueDil reduces risk for all businesses.

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Streamlined checks result in


more customers being passed

Able to continuously


existing customers

Understand the business


Company profiles are full of rich insight and include detailed financial data with metrics particularly relevant to credit teams to help understand the financial status of a company. If any potentially adverse information is present, red flags are displayed at the top of the company's page to highlight risk.

Ownership Tab

View information on directors and shareholders, as well as company shareholdings and related businesses.

Group Graphs

Understand corporate structures at a glance and view links between companies that would otherwise be obscure.

Calculate credit risk


Up to twenty years of historical financial data is available for all companies, making it possible to understand the long-term performance and risk of a business.

Credit Reports

Detailed credit reports expose unseen characteristics and benchmark a company's credit rating and score against similar businesses.


Download historical company documents and financial data in one click.

Manage and monitor credit risk


Create personalised lists of companies and people and monitor them for relevant updates and opportunities. Share these lists with colleagues, and enable a collaborative approach to credit risk management.


View important news and updates on companies that have been added to a list, and quickly act on potential risks as they arise.

Weekly Updates

Users can choose to receive a customisable weekly email, alerting them to recent changes to companies of interest.

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