DueDil for Marketing

DueDil is ideal for marketing teams seeking to improve their lead generation processes and better understand potential business opportunities.

With an advanced feature set and authoritative data sources, DueDil makes it easy to identify and engage with the right prospects at the right time.

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Achieved a lead conversion of


thanks to DueDil

DueDil is the main tool used to


new business opportunities

Build quality lists of target accounts for your sales team


DueDil provides all the tools necessary to create lists of high-quality prospects that fit target customer criteria. These can be easily managed and prioritised by multiple team members.

Advanced Search

Identify ideal prospects using Advanced Search. Segment across over 40 different criteria, including industry, location and financial performance.


Create curated Lists of these prospects to empower your sales outreach. Prioritise and manage these opportunities on a collaborative platform.

Initiate account-based marketing at the right time


Once a set of target accounts has been identified, DueDil provides all the tools you need to plan campaigns in a strategic manner.

Company Profiles

Individual business profiles provide information on company vitals, updates on recent news and events, and business activity descriptions.

Contact Information

Complete contact information, including BT OSIS phone numbers, directorship information and access to decision-makers via DueDil Connect.

Improve campaign engagement


DueDil provides users with powerful tools for identifying the right time to contact businesses with marketing campaigns and the best people to approach in these companies.

Custom Alerts

Receive updates on important company and directorship changes so you can stay on top of prospects and assess how likely they are to purchase new products or services.

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