Supplier Risk Management & Procurement

DueDil is a solution for procurement teams seeking to improve their procurement due diligence and help manage supplier risk.

With an advanced set of features that make supplier risk analysis simpler and help monitor ideal suppliers. DueDil is the perfect complement to your existing procurement and supplier risk management process.

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Gala Coral utilise DueDil to


ideal new suppliers

Used to continuously


existing suppliers

Conduct checks during your supplier due diligence process

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DueDil provides an easy-to-implement and versatile API that can be utilised within your supplier due diligence process to automate many tasks associated with checking and onboarding suppliers.


Automatically populate company information into other systems and conduct financial checks during the onboarding process.

Reduce exposure

Minimise exposure to risk and avoid problems associated with supplier failure.

Monitor for changes

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Create personalised lists of suppliers and monitor them for relevant updates and opportunities. Share these lists with colleagues, and enable a collaborative approach to procurement.


View important news and updates on companies that have been added to a list, and quickly act on potential risks as they arise.

Weekly Updates

Users can choose to receive a customisable weekly email, alerting them to recent changes to companies of interest.

Quickly identify replacement suppliers

Engagement illustration

DueDil enables users to properly map and size any segment across a wide range of metrics, including industry, location and financial performance. It is ideal for seeking out new suppliers that fit your specific criteria.


Compile lists of replacement providers to guard against supplier failure. View important company information to easily compare and prioritise between different suppliers.

Credit Ratings

Detailed credit reports are available for all businesses, which indicate adverse characteristics and benchmark a company’s credit score against similar companies.

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