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Artesian + DueDil merge

Over the last 12 years, DueDil has built a brand that is renowned for business data. A brand synonymous with trust.

Well, now we are merging with Artesian who have an equally reputable history in providing private company information!

Through collaboration, we believe we will be able to accelerate our advancement of the industry, ultimately helping our customers do better business, faster. Read more

Why DueDil

We all know that context matters when making important decisions for your business. The DueDil Business Information Graph (B.I.G.)™ ingests billions of data points a day and surfaces more than 270 million connections between companies, directors and shareholders. Better insight for better decisions.

How it works

Know Your Business (KYB) compliance can be just a box ticking exercise. But with up to 40% of SMEs stating they could be out of business within the next six months, only checking information at the point of onboarding no longer cuts it.

We believe that creating a best in class customer experience starts with best in class customer insights.


DueDil’s best in class API integrates easily into your onboarding journey or third-party applications, providing a customer journey that is frictionless and tailored, reducing the need for manual referrals.

Risk Selection

DueDil’s Business Information Graph (B.I.G.)™ provides unique insights on SMEs to help you select the right customers and avoid the wrong ones. 45% of the information in the B.I.G. can’t be found anywhere else.

In Life Monitoring

DueDil’s in-life monitoring capability updates daily and ensures you stay on top of changes in your back book whenever they happen.

How our clients use DueDil

Insights are generated from the DueDil B.I.G.

The DueDil Business Information Graph (B.I.G.)™ ingests billions of data points and maps more than 270m+ connections between business, directors and shareholders. The B.I.G. provides the foundation for the KYB platform.

Easy to use

DueDil provides you with a complete view of the UK and Irish market so your SME onboarding process is as robust as it is frictionless. We provide all of this in a single platform that is easy to consume, whether you’re looking to automate or give your team a leg up.


Automate KYB processes with our easy to integrate API.

Web App

Arm your team for better customer conversations with our intuitive web app.

Third Party App

Surface the B.I.G. in systems you already use.

Who we work with


DueDil works with leaders who are creating new digital business models to attract the best SME customers.


DueDil works with professionals optimising compliance and risk functions for efficiency and scale.


DueDil works with data and technology specialists who need to build new digital products or improve existing ones.


Surface insights from the DueDil Business Information Graph (B.I.G.)™ to power solutions for your customers.

What our clients are saying

“We connect to the DueDil API and pull all the relevant information. That means customers don’t have to manually fill out a lot of forms and we can comply with all of our AML and FinCrime regulations in a way that’s efficient for them.”

Joseph Connelly, Product Manager, Mettle

“With DueDil, on-boarding forms were completed 3x faster than if they had been completed internally, and the credit risk spreading process was 5x faster.”

Jonathan Holman, Head of Digital Transformation, Santander

“We use DueDil’s information to accurately assess customers’ risk. And, with the level of detail we get we’re able to connect our customer with a provider that suits their profile”

Katie Ball, Head of Advisory Partnerships, Funding Options

“At the core of our business is risk selection and pricing. We needed a partner with APIs to allow us to deliver answers in milliseconds. That’s where DueDil comes in.”

Louis Carbonnier, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Hokodo

“DueDil gives us the ability to impress our customers with a magic moment very early on in our relationship with them. No other tool or technology has impacted our interaction with our customers to the same extent.”

Will Wynne, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Smart Pension

“The API is really well documented. You can be ready very quickly, because everything is seamless for developers. The integration didn't need a lot of set up.”

Arnaud Alepee, Head of Data, Hokodo

Find out why hundreds of companies rely on DueDil to future proof their KYB

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