DueDil is a private company research tool for B2B lead generation and risk management

Quality B2B Leads

All sales teams need to smash their targets.

DueDil Advanced Search enhances every step of the B2B lead generation process, because we believe we should be accountable for your numbers, just like someone on your team.

This is demonstrated by the high success rates experienced by customers like Zipcar for business, which recently achieved a 40% conversion rate on our leads.

As a result we have experienced a churn rate of just 1.5% over two years for our enterprise customers.

DueDil for B2B Lead Generation

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Data Accuracy

DueDil takes the accuracy of its data very seriously. Most of our data is updated every 24 hours and many other sources are refreshed more frequently. If any source data is fresher than ours, we alert users to it and link to the source where possible.

As you will have experienced, no dataset is perfect. We addressed this by hiring a team of world class data scientists and engineers (including Oxbridge PhDs and early employees of Facebook and Skype) whose sole objective is to improve the accuracy and breadth of information on private companies. Our data is open and scrutinised by more than a million professionals each month, so if it’s wrong we’re in trouble.

That’s why customers including the government, payment providers, gaming companies and not-for-profits depend on our data.

DueDil for Risk Management

These companies trust our data

We’re Not Our Competitors

We are a growth-stage technology company on a mission to organise the world’s private company information. We love listening to our customers and developing our product according to their needs.

We’re not held back by legacy technology and can therefore develop our product more quickly in response to customer insights.

We are also our own customers. We depend on our own product to fuel our growth, so it has to work beautifully.

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