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Introducing Group Ownership Graphs

24 May 2017

Following on from last month's launch of new international features, today we are excited to announce the full release of Group Ownership Graphs. This latest iteration displays the ownership structure »

A Guide to Buying a Company: Due Diligence

18 May 2017

Buying a business can be a very daunting feat that requires a huge level of consideration and careful planning. One of the most important steps in the buying process is Buying a Company Due Diligence. »

Employee Profile: Sophie Crampton Smith

11 May 2017

In this series of employee profiles, we’re taking a look at what it’s like to work at DueDil, providing greater insight into the company. Today we introduce Sophie Crampton Smith, a Sales Development »

Webinar: Automate Your Customer Onboarding

08 May 2017

Looking to automate your customer onboarding process? As we hear time and again, inefficient customer onboarding is a problem that companies face every day. Challenges include minimising the high drop-off »

A Guide to M&A Due Diligence

05 May 2017

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) due diligence is a vital process a company undertakes when it is considering the purchase of another business, or when two businesses intend to merge into one. M&A »

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