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Lost days are lost revenue. We equip your team with the insights they need to identify the right business banking customers and get a grip on risk.

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Don’t let process get in the way of your potential

Banks lose thousands of hours to manual processes and poor information on customers. This leads to lost revenue, poor customer experience and low morale.

DueDil transforms your operating model by delivering authoritative information on companies and the people behind them exactly where and when it’s needed.


"We connect to the DueDil API and pull all the relevant information. That means customers don’t have to manually fill out a lot of forms and we can comply with all of our AML and FinCrime regulations in a way that’s efficient for them."

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Joseph Connelly

Product Manager


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Find out how you can improve customer experience while reducing costs.

Addressable market

Identify the right customers

Relationship teams spend too long haphazardly chasing the wrong customers. This reduces profitability and introduces unnecessary risk into your customer book.

DueDil provides a complete view of your total addressable market in seconds, with over 150 ways to segment it. Cut the guesswork and give your team the insight to identify the customers you really want.


Supercharge your onboarding

Lengthy onboarding is painful for everyone. Manual errors and wasted time mean poor customer experience, high abandonment rates and increased time to revenue.

We help your team simplify the onboarding process by auto-populating complex forms with authoritative customer information. Cut onboarding time from weeks to minutes and deliver a superior customer experience.

Group structure

Evaluate risk in real time

Too often banks leave themselves exposed by only evaluating a snapshot of risk. Whether you’re looking to understand financial viability or mitigate regulatory risk, you need to see things as they evolve.

DueDil’s Business Information Graph (B.I.G.) gives a full view of companies and their owners. Intelligently select risk and track changes with 20 years of finances, credit profiles, group structures and Ultimate Beneficial Owners.

"We were able to reduce the amount of time that our financial analysts spend looking at corporate financial statements by 80%."


Less time reviewing financial statements

Resources for banking teams

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Automate your customer onboarding with a downloadable guide full of help and advice.

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Find out more about the approach that made us RegTech Vendor of the Year at the 2019 & 2020 British Bank Awards.