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DueDil’s company intelligence is powered by the DueDil Business Information Graph (B.I.G.)™, a network that reveals over 200m connections between companies and surfaces unique insights.

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Understanding the true nature of a company means having access to up-to-date, relevant and accurate information. High customer expectations can only be met with fast and reliable insights.

DueDil’s B.I.G. does for companies what Facebook and LinkedIn do for personal and professional networks. Mapping the complex relationships between companies, directors and shareholders.

Fresh insights

Get a real time view

Out-of-date information leads to out-of-date conclusions. The B.I.G. uses a proprietary AI matching engine that sits atop our data infrastructure and dynamically enriches it with new information in real time.

This ensures you have the latest and most relevant information at your fingertips, helping you reduce uncertainty and execute with conviction.

Machine learning

See clear insights

The relationships between companies, directors and owners can be complex, messy, and often hidden. Our tech stack is unique in being able to  bring clarity to this disparate array of information.

We use state-of-the-art matching engines, powered by machine learning and cloud technology, to reconcile billions of fragmented data points and extract valuable insights. Giving you clarity and confidence.

Enhanced analysis

Integrate faster

Relying on siloed datasets, spreadsheets and badly-documented APIs destroys your momentum and makes integration and analysis slower and harder.

The B.I.G. removes the restrictions that come with old school databases. Our best-in-class API can be easily integrated, allowing your team to focus on the creative analysis that uncovers unique business insights.

Why it works

Faster development

Our Unified Data Access Layer acts as a universal data translator, enabling our developers to quickly build new applications on top of the B.I.G.

Cloud-native platform

We use Google Cloud Platform to deliver unrivalled reliability, enabling us to leverage AI and Machine Learning to generate insights at scale.

Best-in-class API

Our easily-integrated RESTful API comes with always up-to-date swagger documentation, delivering 99.9%+ uptime and sub-second responses.

Comprehensive certification

Our data management and infosec practices are externally certified (ISO 27001:2013), reviewed quarterly and trusted by the world’s leading finance and tech companies.

Helping developers develop

Here at DueDil we make it our mission to empower developers’ creativity and productivity. We believe that our incredible devs shouldn't spend their time performing repetitive tasks with archaic spreadsheet tools.

Instead we have, and continue to, invest time and resources to design our cloud native systems so that creative analysis can be conducted with ease. We provide a solid platform for rapid iteration that enables experimental investigations to seamlessly transition into full blown production applications.

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