Who we are

We’re telling the story behind every business

DueDil is digitally mapping the economy to help companies accelerate growth and take smarter risks.

Our vision

By telling the story behind every business we’re creating a future where it’s easier for companies of all sizes to make decisions and move fast.




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Our defining values


  1. We set and chase down highly ambitious goals.
  2. We bounce back from inevitable setbacks.
  3. We have the pace to move from outsiders to front runners.


  1. We say what we know and what we feel.
  2. We accept ourselves and others for who we are.
  3. We admit our mistakes and learn from them.

Team Spirit

  1. We support each other to achieve our shared vision.
  2. We hold each other accountable to the standards we set.
  3. We continually seek to improve together.

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Our leadership team

Justin Fitzpatrick

CEO & Co-Founder

"I love building teams to tackle important but overlooked problems. We operate in an industry that has a poor track record in product innovation and client service. By telling the story behind every business we’re creating a future where it’s easier for companies of all sizes make decisions and move fast."

Denis Dorval

Chief Operating Officer

"I like a challenge and embracing new ways of thinking and doing, working with great people who share a common purpose and belief. DueDil brings innovation to a market that needs it. We are ambitious but humble. Grit, Authenticity, Teamwork are core to who we are and how we do things."

Emanuele Tomeo

Chief Technology Officer

“Nothing excites me more than seeing high performing teams delivering great products. At DueDil, we are building a comprehensive, actionable, real-time view of every business and their relationships. We deliver it through a reliable platform that is easy to integrate, enabling companies of all sizes to accelerate their digital transformation.”

Steve Robinson

VP of Finance

"What's great about working at DueDil is seeing the cumulative effect of so many smart and motivated people working together across our different teams. The company has gone from strength-to-strength and we're transforming our market with a clear strategy and focused execution."

Ciara McGrath

VP of People

"The only thing more satisfying than seeing exceptional people join our team is watching how they grow. The beauty of working with outstanding individuals is that they embrace challenges. When this mindset is combined with our culture it creates incredible outcomes. It really is the people who make things happen here."

Our board

Alan Millard

Former COO, Hiscox UK

Justin Fitzpatrick

Co-founder & CEO

Chris Tottman

General Partner
Notion Capital

Patricia Kemp

General Partner

Richard Matthews

General Partner
Augmentum Fintech

Jonathan Gale

Non-Executive Director
Former CEO, NewVoiceMedia

“99% of DueDil's target market is built on legacy technology. Customers have invested billions in a tech stack they'll need to shift to modern APIs in order to stay competitive. DueDil not only provides a technology platform its customers can integrate and deploy in minutes, it also brings insights on small businesses they can't get anywhere else. This makes DueDil's customers hyper-competitive and their relationships with them very sticky.”

Chris Tottman
General Partner, Notion Capital

Our investors

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