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Key financials 31 Dec 2012 31 Dec 2011 31 Dec 2010 31 Dec 2009 31 Dec 2008 31 Dec 2007 31 Dec 2006
Number of Employees1,012991847807762661604
Turnover265,362,000 GBP245,911,000 GBP232,205,536 GBP201,893,024 GBP168,053,398 GBP153,639,787 GBP128,509,853 GBP
Cost of Sales175,126,000 GBP166,607,000 GBP147,174,567 GBP124,460,225 GBP101,144,736 GBP88,770,525 GBP74,139,841 GBP
Gross Profit90,236,000 GBP79,304,000 GBP85,030,969 GBP77,432,799 GBP66,908,662 GBP64,869,262 GBP54,370,012 GBP
Operating Profit24,175,000 GBP17,815,000 GBP32,482,201 GBP28,710,669 GBP24,545,878 GBP26,651,245 GBP21,787,012 GBP
Pre-tax Profit24,291,000 GBP17,934,000 GBP32,511,022 GBP28,728,052 GBP24,781,798 GBP27,413,540 GBP22,750,548 GBP
Post-tax Profit18,219,000 GBP13,550,000 GBP22,967,587 GBP20,566,242 GBP17,586,237 GBP19,474,228 GBP15,862,030 GBP
Balance Sheet 31 Dec 2012 31 Dec 2011 31 Dec 2010 31 Dec 2009 31 Dec 2008 31 Dec 2007 31 Dec 2006
Net Assets31,368,000 GBP22,256,000 GBP21,581,085 GBP22,966,744 GBP5,518,813 GBP-6,308,159 GBP20,428,814 GBP
Total Assets83,914,000 GBP66,307,000 GBP57,788,539 GBP56,817,702 GBP37,823,958 GBP22,307,086 GBP45,055,207 GBP
Total Liabilities52,546,000 GBP44,051,000 GBP36,207,454 GBP33,850,958 GBP32,305,145 GBP28,615,245 GBP24,626,393 GBP
Cash38,293,000 GBP19,342,000 GBP22,744,735 GBP27,258,283 GBP16,291,861 GBP2,756,593 GBP25,442,142 GBP
Tangible Assets3,044,000 GBP4,769,000 GBP3,264,132 GBP3,190,985 GBP3,312,688 GBP2,968,513 GBP2,807,823 GBP
Intangible Assets
Fixed Assets3,044,000 GBP4,769,000 GBP3,264,132 GBP3,190,985 GBP3,312,688 GBP2,968,513 GBP2,807,823 GBP
Current Assets80,870,000 GBP61,538,000 GBP54,524,407 GBP53,626,717 GBP34,511,270 GBP19,338,573 GBP42,247,384 GBP
Stock16,872,000 GBP21,035,000 GBP15,403,882 GBP11,806,196 GBP8,042,385 GBP8,811,067 GBP8,905,590 GBP
Other Debtors8,450,000 GBP8,029,000 GBP6,827,250 GBP4,733,249 GBP4,439,703 GBP4,178,218 GBP3,446,547 GBP
Miscellaneous Current Assets
Current Liabilities52,496,000 GBP44,051,000 GBP36,207,454 GBP33,850,958 GBP32,305,145 GBP28,615,245 GBP24,626,393 GBP
Trade Creditors3,560,000 GBP4,314,000 GBP1,915,962 GBP2,005,830 GBP3,801,718 GBP3,674,088 GBP3,021,779 GBP
Trade Debtors17,255,000 GBP13,132,000 GBP9,548,540 GBP9,828,989 GBP5,737,321 GBP3,592,695 GBP4,453,105 GBP
Bank Loans & Overdrafts58,184 GBP452,858 GBP1,548,074 GBP
Other Short Term Finances
Miscellaneous Current Liabilities48,936,000 GBP39,737,000 GBP34,291,492 GBP31,786,944 GBP28,050,569 GBP23,393,083 GBP21,604,614 GBP
Other Long Term Finances
Total Long Term Liabilities50,000 GBP
Retained Profits8,387,000 GBP6,656,000 GBP-2,427,624 GBP17,641,594 GBP11,340,292 GBP11,555,707 GBP6,929,185 GBP
Salaries and Dividends 31 Dec 2012 31 Dec 2011 31 Dec 2010 31 Dec 2009 31 Dec 2008 31 Dec 2007 31 Dec 2006
Wages & Salaries31,338,000 GBP26,540,000 GBP25,334,635 GBP22,569,421 GBP20,398,552 GBP19,773,137 GBP16,772,422 GBP
Directors Emoluments2,486,000 GBP1,363,000 GBP2,462,966 GBP2,466,207 GBP2,099,983 GBP2,577,972 GBP2,280,939 GBP
Shareholder Funds31,368,000 GBP22,256,000 GBP21,581,085 GBP22,966,744 GBP5,518,813 GBP-6,308,159 GBP20,428,814 GBP
Dividends Payable9,832,000 GBP6,894,000 GBP25,395,211 GBP2,924,648 GBP6,245,945 GBP7,918,521 GBP8,932,845 GBP
Other 31 Dec 2012 31 Dec 2011 31 Dec 2010 31 Dec 2009 31 Dec 2008 31 Dec 2007 31 Dec 2006
Audit Fees55,000 GBP49,000 GBP49,000 GBP43,747 GBP35,000 GBP35,628 GBP28,958 GBP
Taxation-6,072,000 GBP-4,384,000 GBP-9,543,435 GBP-8,161,810 GBP-7,195,561 GBP-7,939,312 GBP-6,888,518 GBP
Net Worth31,368,000 GBP22,256,000 GBP21,581,085 GBP22,966,744 GBP5,518,813 GBP-6,308,159 GBP20,428,814 GBP
Depreciation2,154,000 GBP2,064,000 GBP1,749,911 GBP1,582,151 GBP1,411,482 GBP1,250,786 GBP1,064,218 GBP
Capital Employed31,418,000 GBP22,256,000 GBP21,581,085 GBP22,966,744 GBP5,518,813 GBP-6,308,159 GBP20,428,814 GBP
Audit 31 Dec 2012 31 Dec 2011 31 Dec 2010 31 Dec 2009 31 Dec 2008 31 Dec 2007 31 Dec 2006
Name of Auditors Saffery champness Saffery champness Saffery champness Saffery champness Saffery champness
Joint Auditors (If Applicable)
Name of Solicitors
Name of Accountants
Audit Qualification The audit report contains no adverse comments The audit report contains no adverse comments The audit report contains no adverse comments The audit report contains no adverse comments The audit report contains no adverse comments

Inventory Turnover Ratio

31 Dec 2012+4.04(34.54%)
Previous Values
31 Dec 201111.69
31 Dec 201015.07
31 Dec 200917.10
31 Dec 200820.90
31 Dec 200717.44
31 Dec 200614.43


Turnover ÷ Stock


The number of times the stock is turned over every year. Companies with a low markup and a high turnover of stock will have a high value for this, e.g. Tesco Plc, which in 2011 had an inventory turnover ratio of 17.5.

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NameRaw PercentageOwnedValueDetail
Paul Simon O'leary0.052389868531715< 1%119.19 GBP11,919.00 × 0.01 GBP Ordinary O
John Peter Boden2.07390298850382.07%4,718.25 GBP18,873.00 × 0.25 GBP Ordinary B
Justin Dowley1.81237121758031.81%4,123.25 GBP16,493.00 × 0.25 GBP Ordinary B
Boden Esot1.67039682765041.67%3,800.25 GBP15,201.00 × 0.25 GBP Ordinary C
Julian Philip Granville0.10390063867377< 1%236.38 GBP23,638.00 × 0.01 GBP Ordinary O
Stobo Holdings Ltd1.5109503572261.51%3,437.50 GBP13,750.00 × 0.25 GBP Ordinary B
John Peter Boden1.58237710138581.58%3,600.00 GBP360,000.00 × 0.01 GBP Ordinary A
John Peter Boden1.33249338412531.33%3,031.50 GBP12,126.00 × 0.25 GBP Ordinary D
Julian Philip Granville6.11522817306396.12%13,912.50 GBP55,650.00 × 0.25 GBP Ordinary D
Victoria Andreae0.15823771013858< 1%360.00 GBP36,000.00 × 0.01 GBP Ordinary A
Victoria Andreae1.34699850755471.35%3,064.50 GBP12,258.00 × 0.25 GBP Ordinary C
Yvonne Binnington1.43952361306631.44%3,275.00 GBP13,100.00 × 0.25 GBP Ordinary C
Julian Philip Granville2.77168733529542.77%6,305.75 GBP25,223.00 × 0.25 GBP Ordinary B
Vidacos Nominees Ltd2.21400929435562.21%5,037.00 GBP20,148.00 × 0.25 GBP Ordinary C
Cathy Dreyer1.99676210481122.00%4,542.75 GBP18,171.00 × 0.25 GBP Ordinary C
Julian Philip Granville1.60885994037431.61%3,660.25 GBP14,641.00 × 0.25 GBP Ordinary E
John Peter Boden58.681795481158.68%133,504.50 GBP534,018.00 × 0.25 GBP Ordinary C
James Sainsbury7.07674203675327.08%16,100.00 GBP64,400.00 × 0.25 GBP Ordinary C
Justin Dowley4.23143021132384.23%9,626.75 GBP38,507.00 × 0.25 GBP Ordinary C
Tellaro Sa2.21994320848582.22%5,050.50 GBP20,202.00 × 0.25 GBP Ordinary B
  • Created:27 Jul 2007
  • Registered:02 Aug 2007
  • Persons Entitled:BARCLAYS BANK PLC
  • Further Information: Fixed and Floating Charges Over The Undertaking and All Property and Assets Present and Future Including Goodwill Bookdebts Uncalled Capital Buildings Fixturesfixed Plant and Machinery