Make A Difference Enterprises Limited


1,342 GBP

Included as part of current assets, cash refers to the amount held in current or deposit bank accounts.

Net Assets

-169,291 GBP

Also known as book value, the net assets value can give a rough indication of a company's net worth.

Current Liabilities

180,082 GBP

Any amount owed by a company to other agents that must be paid within one year of the date on the balance sheet.

Current Assets

9,601 GBP

Also known as circulating or floating assets, current assets constantly change from cash to goods and back again.

Make A Difference Enterprises LimitedEdit details
Company Number: 06315172
Company Type: Private limited with share capital
SIC 2003: 9231 — Artistic And Literary Creation And Interpretation
SIC 2007: 90010 — Performing Arts
Inc. Date: 17 Jul 2007
Annual Returns: 17 Jul 2013
Annual Accounts: 30 Apr 2013

Registered Address:

First Floor 28 Denmark Street
United Kingdom
Registered Tel: 02072408206

Trading Address:

Edit details
First Floor
28 Denmark Street
Trading Tel: 02072408206
Make A Difference Enterprises Limited was set up on 17 Jul 2007. Its current status is listed as "Live" and it currently has 3 directors. Its founding director was Sk Directors Limited. Make A Difference Enterprises Limited has no subsidiaries.
FromUntilPrevious Name
28 Mar 2008PresentMake A Difference Enterprises Limited
17 Jul 200728 Mar 2008Sk 124 Limited

This company has no filed Gazette notices.

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Fundraising and events on behalf of the Make A Difference Trust.