Visa Europe Services Llc

Visa Europe Services Llc
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Incorporation date
28 May 2004
Latest Accounts
30 Sep 2016
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Not available
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Not available
SIC 2007
Not available
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Visa Europe
Registered Address
Corporation Trust Center
1209 Orange Street
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Visa Europe Services Llc was set up on 28 May 2004 has its registered office in Wilmington. Its current status is listed as "Active". It currently has 5 directors. The company's first directors were Christopher John Rodrigues, Friedrich Kadrnoska, Gerald Nebouy, Johannes Evers, Gianni Testoni and 10 more. Visa Europe Services Llc has 4 subsidiaries.


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1,953,802,624 GBP

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Current Liabilities

2,038,896,512 GBP

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Net Assets

1,209,312,256 GBP

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Current Assets

2,931,432,448 GBP

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Registered Names

FromUntilPrevious Name
30 Jun 2008PresentWidgets R Us Ltd
01 Jun 197030 Jun 2008Widgets Were Us Ltd

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Payments system organisation providing services to members from 36 European counties. Accounts data converted from Euro.

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