Philip Burwell

Authorised_Person of Millennium Capital L.L.C.
Born: Nov 1956 (62 years ago)
Philip Burwell was born in 1956 and the first directorship we have on file was in 1998 at Online Corporate Services Limited. Their most recent directorship was with Shamrock Leather Limited . This company has been around since 12 Jun 2014.
Officer withat
James Somers Eastworld Trade Limited
K2k Corp Eastworld Trade Limited
Garo Hartounian Eastworld Trade Limited
K2k Corp. Hartford Resources
George Joseph Patrick O'connor Eastworld Trade Limited
Marion Selwood Deltamax Limited
Vivianne Beatty Cara Capital & Finance Limited
Elmar Zallapa Focus Trust
William Curran Norley Holdings & Commerce Limited
Company Services Limited Balt Invest Group ( Ireland ) Limited
David Kearney Norley Holdings & Commerce Limited
Stan Gorin Hartford Resources
Joyce Helga Walley KCK International
K2k Corp International Business & Corporate Consulting (IBCC) Limited
Noreen Kenny Geostar Investments Limited
Margaret H Lawton Tactical Investment Consultants Limited
K2k Corp. Capemore Limited
Luxco. 2000 Limited Westline Projects Limited
Joseph Kenny Program Managers Limited
Janis Zalkalns New Aim Management Limited
John Micheau Hartford Resources
Joseph Kenny Geostar Investments Limited
James William Grassick LNK International Holdings Limited
David Cocksedge 21St Century Management Limited
. Iosg Secretaries Inc Trans Metal International Limited
Erik Vanagels Paramount Contracts
Slava Staroselsky Globex Technotrade Limited
Sandra Rothwell K2K Corp.
. Luxco 2000 Ltd Northern Impex Resources Limited
Fpr Trust Co. Limited Geostar Investments Limited
Gary Hartounain Geostar Investments Limited
K2k Corp Cara Capital & Finance Limited
Joachim Kurt Steffen Norley Holdings & Commerce Limited
Rudi Neidhardt Norley Holdings & Commerce Limited
Pw Corporate Services Limited Shamrock Leather Limited
Noreen Elizabeth Kenny Program Managers Limited
Victor Zolotko Porzelack Limited
Alexandre Kisselevskii Porzelack Limited
Artur Kravchenko United Industrial Trust Limited
Roman Shmidt United Industrial Trust Limited
Vladimir Vindgradoff Total Ins Limited
Alex Bourt Total Ins Limited
Inna Kosinova Total Ins Limited
Pierre Nys Diffusion Finance Limited
Olga Aleshina Diffusion Finance Limited
Nataila Diatchuk Mayfield Finance Limited
Vladimir Vinogradoff Mayfield Finance Limited
Vjaceslavs Golobevs L.A.S.T. Centrs
Jevgenijs Sabanovs L.A.S.T. Centrs
Simon Elmont LNK International Holdings Limited
Philip Croshaw Trans Metal Trading
Philip Donoghue Just Insurances Limited
Fpr Trust Co. Ltd Online Communications Corporation
F.P.R. Trust Company Limited. Porzelack Limited
Noeleen Curran Westwork Limited
Annabelle Conway Online Corporate Services Limited
John Patrick O'connor Online Corporate Services Limited
Limited F.P.R. Trust Company Financelink Limited
Joseph O'connor Cara Capital & Finance Limited
Company Services Limited Westwork Limited
Vija Rauda Westwork Limited
. K 2 K Corp Industrial Product Systems (IPS) Limited
. First Secretaries Limited LNK International Holdings Limited
Gary Hartounian Convertible Currency Management Limited
Valeriy Kosokin Olympic Expotrade Limited
Leonid Scharansky Olympic Expotrade Limited
John Patrick O'connor Bloomfield Investments Limited
Iosg Secretaries Inc Iosg Secretaries Knightsview Corporation
Igors Rapoports Bowman Import/Export Limited
Alexsanders Vitolins Bowman Import/Export Limited
. K2k Corp New Aim Management Limited
Anatoliy Lyovin East/West Alliance Limited
Vladimir Nikolajev Intratex 2000 Limited
Desmond Joseph Kearney Balt Invest Group ( Ireland ) Limited
Leonid Shcharansky Finstar Universal Holdings
Vladimir Matvienko East/West Alliance Limited
Company Services Limited Westline Projects Limited
. Iosg Secretaries Inc Automatron Limited
John Micheau V I B A - D M
Company Services Limited V I B A - D M
Corp K2k Olympic Expotrade Limited
Tat Son Le V I B A - D M
Stephen O'connor Poc.International .Com Limited
Liudmilla Khmelnitskaya Globex Technotrade Limited
Anatolijs Krasjukovs Alpha Kras Limited
Tadeuss Kobecs Alpha Kras Limited
Brigita Rundane LNK International Holdings Limited
Vladmir Sister Mayfield Finance Limited
Anatoly Lyovin East/West Alliance Limited
Donal Mc Connell The Bull Media Company Limited
Damian Calderbank Swancroft International Limited
Philip Donall Boireil Trans - Capital Group
Patrick O'connor Swancroft International Limited
Jesse Hester 21St Century Management Limited
Dominique Fontaine Diffusion Finance Limited
Susanna Arakelyan Diffusion Finance Limited
Juri Vitman KCK International
Manti Effrosyni LNK International Holdings Limited
Michael O'shea East/West Alliance Limited
Uldis Feldmanis Total Ins Limited
Matthew Bradley Resourcenet Group
Peter Edmund Mullins Mullins Investments Limited
Lynn Yang Mullins Mullins Investments Limited
Donald Mcweeney Ii Videlica Limited
Indra Priede International Business & Corporate Consulting (IBCC) Limited
Alexander Boag The Bull Media Company Limited
Toni Case The Bull Media Company Limited
Veronica Kearney Balt Invest Group ( Ireland ) Limited
Sandra Kay Loughman Mullins Investments Limited
Yugang Zhang Norley Holdings & Commerce Limited
Iiyoung Choi Total Ins Limited
Cedric Evers Shamrock Leather Limited
Manfred Jakobi Qneurope Sales & Marketing Limited
Sau Kuen Lam Norley Holdings & Commerce Limited
Joe Mccall Shamrock Leather Limited
Andrew Salisbury Videlica Limited
Trevor Kuna Norley Holdings & Commerce Limited
Copley Investments Limited East/West Alliance Limited
Ganna Lyovina East/West Alliance Limited
Joseph Mccall Balt Invest Group ( Ireland ) Limited
Maria Christodoulou LNK International Holdings Limited
F. P. R. Trust Company Limited Program Managers Limited

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