Philip Burwell

Authorised Person of Millennium Capital L.L.C.
Born: Nov 1956 (61 years ago)
The first position as a director we have on file for Philip Burwell was in 1998 at Online Corporate Services Limited. Their most recent directorship was with Shamrock Leather Limited. This company has been around since 12 Jun 2014 and lists its registered address as being in Dublin 12. In total, Philip has held 95 directorships, 1 of which is current, and 94 are no longer active.
Officer withat
K2k Corp.Porzelack Limited
Elmar ZallapaGlobeway Trading Limited
Jesse Hester21st Century Management Limited
David CocksedgeKnightsview Corporation
Gary HartounianBloomfield Investments Limited
Noreen KennyNorthtech Impex Limited
Joseph KennyFinancelink Limited
Fpr Trust Co. LtdOnline Communications Corporation
James SomersV I B A - D M
K2k CorpBloomfield Investments Limited
George Joseph Patrick O'connorSviazstroy - 1 Limited
Stephen O'connorPoc.International .Com Limited
Philip BurwellEast/West Alliance Limited
Joseph MccallBalt Invest Group ( Ireland ) Limited
Veronica KearneyBalt Invest Group ( Ireland ) Limited
Company Services LimitedJust Insurances Limited
Desmond KearneyBalt Invest Group ( Ireland ) Limited
Juri VitmanKck International
Joyce Helga WalleyElmboro Limited
Stan GorinLuxco. 2000 Limited
John MicheauIntratex 2000 Limited
Marion Lesley SelwoodF.I.T. Shipping Limited
K2k CorpSviazstroy - 1 Limited
Vivianne BeattySystemtech Limited
Joseph O'connorCara Capital & Finance Limited
Luxco. 2000 LimitedNorthtech Impex Limited
Company Services LimitedWestline Projects Limited
David KearneyShamrock Leather Limited
Sau Kuen LamNorley Holdings & Commerce Limited
Trevor KunaNorley Holdings & Commerce Limited
Rudi NeidhardtQneurope Sales & Marketing Limited
Yugang ZhangNorley Holdings & Commerce Limited
Joachim Kurt SteffenQneurope Sales & Marketing Limited
William CurranJust Insurances Limited
Matthew BradleyResourcenet Group
Donal Mc ConnellThe Bull Media Company Limited
Alexander BoagThe Bull Media Company Limited
Toni CaseThe Bull Media Company Limited
Gary HartounainNorthtech Impex Limited
Fpr Trust Co. LimitedNorthtech Impex Limited
Joseph KennyNorthtech Impex Limited
Vjaceslavs GolobevsL.A.S.T. Centrs
Jevgenijs SabanovsL.A.S.T. Centrs
Maria ChristodoulouLnk International Holdings Limited
Manti EffrosyniLnk International Holdings Limited
Simon ElmontLnk International Holdings Limited
James William GrassickTrans Metal Trading
. First Secretaries LimitedLnk International Holdings Limited
Brigita RundaneLnk International Holdings Limited
Igors RapoportsBowman Import/Export Limited
Alexsanders VitolinsBowman Import/Export Limited
Philip Donall BoireilTrans - Capital Group
Philip CroshawTrans Metal Trading
K2k Corp.F.I.T. Shipping Limited
Sandra RothwellLuxco. 2000 Limited
Roman ShmidtUnited Industrial Trust Limited
Artur KravchenkoUnited Industrial Trust Limited
Indra PriedeInternational Business & Corporate Consulting (Ibcc) Limited
K2k CorpV I B A - D M
Donald Mcweeney IiVidelica Limited
Andrew SalisburyVidelica Limited
Janis ZalkalnsDomestic Trust
. K2k CorpNew Aim Management Limited
Margaret H LawtonSviazstroy - 1 Limited
Slava StaroselskyOlympic Expotrade Limited
Liudmilla KhmelnitskayaGlobex Technotrade Limited
Vija RaudaWestwork Limited
Company Services LimitedWestwork Limited
Noeleen CurranWestwork Limited
Manfred JakobiQneurope Sales & Marketing Limited
Sandra Kay LoughmanMullins Investments Limited
Peter Edmund MullinsMullins Investments Limited
Lynn Yang MullinsMullins Investments Limited
Vladmir SisterMayfield Finance Limited
Nataila DiatchukMayfield Finance Limited
Vladimir VinogradoffMayfield Finance Limited
John Patrick O'connorOnline Corporate Services Limited
Annabelle ConwayOnline Corporate Services Limited
. Iosg Secretaries IncGlobeway Trading Limited
Damian CalderbankSwancroft International Limited
Patrick O'connorSwancroft International Limited
Pw Corporate Services LimitedEast/West Alliance Limited
Joe MccallShamrock Leather Limited
Cedric EversShamrock Leather Limited
F. P. R. Trust Company LimitedProgram Managers Limited
Noreen Elizabeth KennyProgram Managers Limited
. Luxco 2000 LtdFinancelink Limited
Corp K2kOlympic Expotrade Limited
Valeriy KosokinOlympic Expotrade Limited
Leonid ScharanskyOlympic Expotrade Limited
Iiyoung ChoiTotal Ins Limited
Uldis FeldmanisTotal Ins Limited
Vladimir VindgradoffTotal Ins Limited
Alex BourtTotal Ins Limited
Inna KosinovaTotal Ins Limited
Vladimir NikolajevIntratex 2000 Limited
Erik VanagelsSunhawk Limited
Leonid ShcharanskyFinstar Universal Holdings
. K 2 K CorpIndustrial Product Systems (Ips) Limited
. Iosg Secretaries IncAutomatron Limited
Iosg Secretaries Inc Iosg SecretariesKnightsview Corporation
Michael O'sheaEast/West Alliance Limited
Copley Investments LimitedEast/West Alliance Limited
Ganna LyovinaEast/West Alliance Limited
Anatoly LyovinEast/West Alliance Limited
Vladimir MatvienkoEast/West Alliance Limited
Anatoliy LyovinEast/West Alliance Limited
. F.P.R. Trust Co. LimitedFinancelink Limited
Philip DonoghueJust Insurances Limited
Anatolijs KrasjukovsAlpha Kras Limited
Tadeuss KobecsAlpha Kras Limited
Gary HartounianConvertible Currency Management Limited
Dominique FontaineDiffusion Finance Limited
Susanna ArakelyanDiffusion Finance Limited
Pierre NysDiffusion Finance Limited
Olga AleshinaDiffusion Finance Limited
F.P.R. Trust Company Limited.Porzelack Limited
Alexandre KisselevskiiPorzelack Limited
Victor ZolotkoPorzelack Limited
John Patrick O'connorBloomfield Investments Limited
Tat Son LeV I B A - D M
John MicheauV I B A - D M
Company Services LimitedV I B A - D M
Director at Transinkon Ltd.
Full name and Date of Birth match.
Director at Venybay & Co Ltd
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.

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