Mr Desmond Kearney

Ex-Director of Summerglen Limited
Born: Oct 1944 (74 years ago)
Nationality: Irish
Mr Desmond Kearney is Irish and was born in 1944. The first directorship we have on file for them was in 2004 at Summerglen Limited. Their newest directorship was with Vitanutrition UK LTD. where they held the position of "Director". This company was established 09 Jun 2010 and is based in Borehamwood.
Officer withat
Damian James Calderbank Intech Global Solutions Ltd
Jill Kearney Summerglen Limited
William Curran Summerglen Limited
Elizabeth Kearney Summerglen Limited
Sagina Taneja Vitanutrition UK LTD.
Barry John Mcmahon Fuel Logistics Ltd
Michael Mccreery MC Creery Sports Agencies LTD.
James Cussen Connexus Communications Ni Limited
Barry Dunbar Connexus Communications Ni Limited
Edward Mcconnell Foamquip Limited
Patrick Mcconnell Foamquip Limited
Helen Lonergan Foamquip Limited
Company Services (A-Z) Ltd Graceway Limited
Noeleen Curran Graceway Limited
Tanya Cawley Production Depot (N.I.) Limited - The
Thomas Arthur Jones Paco Store UK LTD.
Paul Coupage Artificial Sports Surfaces LTD.
Josepa Coupage Artificial Sports Surfaces LTD.
Company Services (A-Z) Limited Summerglen Limited
Alexander Paco Graves Paco Store UK LTD.
Harry Mccreery MC Creery Sports Agencies LTD.
Jack Nagle Alpha Primarycare Limited
Jo Lynch Alpha Primarycare Limited
Laim Twomey Alpha Primarycare Limited
Sagina Taneja Ros Nutrition UK LTD.
Deepak Sharma Ros Nutrition UK LTD.
Andrew Towell FT Sports Ltd
Eimear Towell FT Sports Ltd
Arthur Mcmahon Fuel Logistics Ltd
Roger Mcmahon Fuel Logistics Ltd
Ugo Greevy Target English International (Hull) Limited
Gaetano Sergio Urciuoli Target English International (Hull) Limited
James Hordon Target English International (Hull) Limited
Gaetano Catacchio Target English International (Hull) Limited
Edward Greevy Target English International (Hull) Limited
Mardiros Haladijan Nattydread Ltd
Leo Carton Garryduff Construction Ltd
Laurence Anthony Beattie Al Pak Limited
Tony Carroll Al Pak Limited
John Dempsey John Dempsey Haulage Ltd
Kevin Fairman-King Vebabox Ltd
Adam Fairman-King Vebabox Ltd
John O'donnell Prompt Lettings Ltd
Brian Mcternan Churros 'N' Shakes Ltd
Vincent Buggy Churros 'N' Shakes Ltd
Carol Donaghy Roomex UK Limited
Janet Beattie Al Pak Limited
Michael Gallagher Atlantic Nutrition LTD.
Sarah Doherty Prompt Lettings Ltd
John Leahy Production Depot (N.I.) Limited - The
Deepak Sharma Vitanutrition UK LTD.
Edward Greevy Target English International (Hull) Limited
Paul Sandilands Connexus Communications Ni Limited
Jack Donaghy Roomex UK Limited

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