Mr Sean Michael Haley

Director of Sodexo Limited
Born: Apr 1970 (48 years ago)
Nationality: British
Mr Sean Michael Haley is British. The first directorship we have on file for him was in 2002 at Sodexo Property Solutions Limited. His newest directorship is with Entegra Europe Limited where he holds the position of "Director". The company was established 03 Jul 1997 and is based in Warwickshire. So far, Sean has held 27 directorships, 24 of which are currently active, and 3 are no longer active.
Officer withat
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Anthony LeechSodexo Limited
Robert SternApan Limited
Laurent ArnaudoApan Limited
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Sodexo Corporate Services (No 2) LimitedSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
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Steven JohnsonW.S. Atkins International Limited
Donald LawsonW.S. Atkins International Limited
Philip HoareW.S. Atkins International Limited
Geoffrey Yates-KneenW.S. Atkins International Limited
Douglas MccormickW.S. Atkins International Limited
Simon MoonW.S. Atkins International Limited
Heath DrewettW.S. Atkins International Limited
Martin GrantW.S. Atkins International Limited
Geoffrey RobinsW.S. Atkins International Limited
Sara Lipscombe-NottW.S. Atkins International Limited
Helen BakerW.S. Atkins International Limited
Christopher BirdsongW.S. Atkins International Limited
Neil ThomasW.S. Atkins International Limited
David TonkinW.S. Atkins International Limited
Richard WebsterSodexo Property Solutions Limited
Keith ClarkeSodexo Property Solutions Limited
Alun GriffithsSodexo Property Solutions Limited
Ian PurserSodexo Property Solutions Limited
Robert HopeW.S. Atkins International Limited
Richard BarrettW.S. Atkins International Limited
Kar SinW.S. Atkins International Limited
Daniel WilsonPurchasing Systems Limited
Matthew ToughPurchasing Systems Limited
Simon NewthPsl Purchasing Limited
Paul HippsPsl Purchasing Limited
Ivan ShenkmanPsl Purchasing Limited
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Richard HallSodexo Property Solutions Limited
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David ClementsSodexo Property Solutions Limited
David PickSodexo Property Solutions Limited
Paul CrollaSodexo Property Solutions Limited
Amanda MassieSodexo Property Solutions Limited
David HarrisSodexo Property Solutions Limited
Chris JohnSodexo Limited
Paul AnsteySodexo Limited
Andrerw RogersSodexo Limited
David BaileySodexo Limited
Mark SeastronSodexo Limited
Laurent ArnaudoSodexo Limited
Janine McdowellSodexo Limited
Angela WilliamsSodexo Limited
Philip AndrewSodexo Limited
Philip HooperSodexo Limited
William ScrivensSodexo Limited
Michelle HansonSodexo Limited
Jane BristowSodexo Limited
Andrew LeachSodexo Limited
David HaddadCenterplate Europe Limited
Chase OrmondCenterplate Europe Limited
Luis CardenasCenterplate Europe Limited
Gregory JenningsSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Samantha ScottSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Simon MccluskeySodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Chris BarnesSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Niamh CraySodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Anita WilsonSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Lee BrittainSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Patrick ForbesSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
David MulcahySodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Rebecca SymonSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Keith KingLindley Catering Limited
Keith KingPortfolio Catering Ltd.
Keith KingHeritage Hospitality (Scotland) Limited
Keith KingHeritage Portfolio Limited
Keith KingApan Limited
Full name and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Director at Salva Chem Limited
Forename and Date of Birth match.

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