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Financial Times

London's patchwork of tech success

“Data from Companies House, compiled by DueDil, shows that 8,745 businesses in the technology and services sector were created in the past three years in SE1, the postcode for Southwark, more than double the 3,137 businesses created during the same period in EC2A, which contains Shoreditch.”

Management Today

The UK Needs To Hang On To Wealth Creators And Talent

“It was ironic that in the same week that I was enticed to consider leaving Britain, our think-tank, the Centre for Entrepreneurs, published a ground-breaking report into migrant entrepreneurs coming to this country. Thanks to our partner, DueDil, we showed how such immigrants are behind one in seven UK companies.”

Financial Times

Tiny drone maker lands in Facebook spotlight

“Until November 2013 Ascenta was called High Altitude Engineering. It has about £220,000 in liabilities, according to online records kept by DueDil”

Daily Telegraph

Landlords warned of 'rental guarantee' pitfalls

"If a landlord wants to opt for a rent-to-rent or guaranteed rent service, they must understand the credentials of the guarantee. Has the company a track record of running this scheme? What is their financial health? This can be ascertained free of charge from a site like”

The Argus

City magnet for foreign business people

“Brighton and Hove has become a magnet for thousands of foreign people moving here to start a business. A total of 2,915 firms have been started here by those born outside the UK, new research shows. The report by the Centre for Entrepreneurs and business data firm DueDil claims one in seven businesses now created in the UK are founded by residents born overseas.

Tech Crunch

The Rise Of The Euro Mega-Round

“ London is fighting back. A number of funding rounds have came in recently, attest to this trend, and it’s worth us taking time out for a moment to just register that ‘what just happened’ moment in three key stories… London-based company data source DueDil, which took in a $17 million in a Series B round led by Oak Investment Partners with participation from existing investors Notion Capital and Passion Capital.”

The Guardian

Ovivo Mobile goes dark, leaving thousands without connectivity

“According to Companies House records provided via Duedil, in September 2013 the company [Ovivo Mobile] had cash of £10,000 and other assets of about £6,000 but liabilities of £511,000 - giving it a negative net worth of £453,000.”

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Migrant entrepreneurs prove their worth

Daily Telegraph

Meet Silicon Roundabout's real reigning queen (you probably won't have heard of her)

“Through mentorship, investments, and co-working [Eileen] Burbidge is making a big impact in the UK's cosy tech world. The software engineer turned investor is one of a trio of partners atPassion Capital, a London-based venture capital firm that has invested millions of pounds in a dozens of start-ups, including Lulu (thatcontroversial app that lets women comment and rate the men they know), and innovative financial services, like TransferWise, GoCardlessand DueDil.”

Daily Telegraph

Here’s why migrants want to come to Britain

“DueDil’s findings are intuitively exactly what you would expect. It is no accident that the most dynamic economy in history, the United States, is entirely immigrant-based. A large part of America’s economic success comes from the new ideas, new ways of doing things, energy and determination to succeed that the newly arrived bring with them.”

Huffington Post

Where would we be without immigrants?

“The silence around the contribution of immigrants is mainly down to a lack of hard evidence. So yesterday we launched a report called Migrant Entrepreneurs: Building our Businesses, Creating our Jobs, with the Centre for Entrepreneurs, to examine for the first time Britain's real immigrant economics.”

City AM

Britain is in debt to a new generation of foreign entrepreneurs

“Immigrants are good for jobs. Yes, you’ve read that right: even though much of the public believes that migrants depress the labour market, the truth is that foreign entrepreneurs are actually responsible for a great number of British jobs. Without these migrants, there would actually be fewer opportunities for locals and far fewer start-ups – that is the remarkable conclusion from a report today from the Centre for Entrepreneurs and DueDil.”

Daily Telegraph

Migrant entrepreneurs driving job creation across Britain, study shows

“Migrant Entrepreneurs: Building our businesses, creating our jobs showed that migrant-founded companies are responsible for creating 14pc of all jobs among companies turning over between £1m and £200m – the small-to-medium sized enterprise (SME) sector.”

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Migrants set up one in seven firms

“Migrant entrepreneurs are behind one in seven of all UK companies, an investigation has found. According to research from the Centre for Entrepreneurs think tank and business information experts DueDil, nearly half a million people from 155 countries have settled in the UK and launched businesses.”


Migrant entrepreneurs make 'breath-taking' contribution to UK

“There are currently 456,073 migrant entrepreneurs in the UK, representing 155 nationalities, according to a report by think-tank the Centre for Entrepreneurs and business data firm DueDil. The study found that entrepreneurial activity amongst the migrant community is nearly double that of their UK counterparts, with 17.2% of migrant workers having started their own business, compared to 10.4% of UK-born individuals.”

Strategy Eye

Business data firm DueDil picks up USD17m in latest UK tech win

“Launched in April 2011, the firm provides access to private data on companies and executives on a freemium model to help enterprise and individual customers make decisions in real-time. The firm pulls in company data from sources including Companies House including everything from stock information to mortgages and accounts, as well as data on executives ranging from their birthdates and nationalities to previous aliases.”


Company Data Disruptor DueDil Raises $17M To Go Global

“DueDilfounder and CEO Damian Kimmelman is a fully-rounded, confident founder who has today raised a $17 million Series B financing round, led by previous investor Oak Investment Partners. The funding round was also supported by existing investors Notion Capital and Passion Capital. The new capital will be used to boost DueDil’s product and expand into new countries.”

Gigaom; One News Page (US)

Company data intelligence firm DueDil picks up $17M for further expansion

“The cash came from existing investors Notion Capital, Passion Capital and round leader Oak Investment Partners, and it comes on top of the $5m I reported on in April last year. In those 10 months, the “real-time decision intelligence” firm said, it has gained traction among most of the FTSE 100 companies.”


Doge Got A Quarter-Page Ad In The Guardian Today. Wow.

“Doge is one of our current favorite memes, and it's even inspired its own cryptocurrency. Now this delightful Shiba Inu has also inspired business data company DueDil to take out a mysterious quarter-page ad in the financial section of The Guardian.”

City AM

This mystery Guardian advert is the best thing to happen to dogecoin

“An unexplained advert in today's Guardian financial pages has got Twitter into a stir. The newspaper has given a quarter page to the doge meme, a joke that has gained huge popularity in recent months since its inception in 2010. Featuring a shiba inu and some nonsensical phrases ‘pls red’, ‘much 4mal’, ‘so print’, and ‘wow’, the meme plays on depicting the thoughts of a cute doge. There's no clue as to what the advert is for or who has paid for it. It may have just been used as a filler ad—for where a slot hasn't been filled.”


Why is there a Doge advert in the Guardian?

“The Guardian has today given a quarter page to the Doge meme in its financial pages. According to Buzzfeed, the advert was published on behalf of DueDil, a business data company that won a Guardian Small Business Networks competition. The winning prize was an advert in the paper, and DueDil decided to use this opportunity to, err, print a Doge meme.”

The Guardian

Much confused? The mystery doge ad in the Guardian's financial pages

“[The doge] ended up in the financial pages of the paper thanks to a business data startup called DueDil, which won a competition run by the Guardian small business network. ‘We were surprised that the Guardian would let us do it,’ explains DueDil's chief executive, Damian Kimmelman. ‘We got the £50,000 [of advertising space, the prize in the competition] and we were like: ‘Oh crap, how are we going to spend this money?’ We debated, and decided on Friday we were going to do something funny. We don't really need the advertising anymore, we get enough traffic as it is’.”

The Daily Dot

Meet the CEO who put a doge meme in the Guardian

“So why did DueDil choose to use doge as their advert?... ‘We don't advertise ourselves. But maybe somebody else does. We've opened it up as a competition for a small business that wants the rest of the advertising, which is really what's in line with DueDil. If we get exposure for a small business who really could use it, then I think that would be really cool’.”

Silicon Republic

Much atenshun, many views: Doge appears in mysterious newspaper ad

“In what could prove to be a genius piece of advertising, a start-up company called DueDil had won the space in a competition run by The Guardian's own small business network. As part of its prize, the company received the ad space in the newspaper but decided to take it in a completely different direction.”


The 6 hottest startups in London in 2014

“[DueDil] primarily caters to startups in the U.K.—it may not even need to scale to the U.S. in order to rake in revenues... DueDil recently raised $5 million, which it will use to expand its service throughout Europe. It will focus initially on countries that tout an open-data policy.”


Six of Britain's Best Financial Technology Businesses

“The large credit reference agencies are geared up to provide data on large companies, but offer a very narrow set of analytics., however, promises much more—and can provide intelligence on a much larger number of businesses.”

FinTech City

The FinTech50 2014

“The UK, and London in particular, is really punching above its weight in the global FinTech innovation arena... DueDil is a one-stop shop for business information, intelligence and analysis.”

The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)

Why openness is the next frontier for business strategy

“Where there's transparency, there's trust. And, most important, there's predictability. Counter-parties can take safer, more calculated decisions. Market inefficiencies reduce. On a wider scale, open information creates markets and builds prosperity.”

Financial Times

Valley angst clouds London's tech future

“Startups: one to watch—DueDil collects, sorts and distils company information from around the web using analytics and visualisation, taking advantage of open data policies in the UK and Europe.”

Programmable Web

Open Data Now: Hottest Contenders for 2014

“Usage of XBRL [eXtensible Business Reporting Language] and data about publicly funded companies, sites like Duedil in the UK and OpenCorporates, are looking at corporate transparency. There is a lot of movement towards opening up disclosures of social and environmental impacts. It's really bringing about major changes. There's a lot of opportunities for analysis and insight.”

London Evening Standard

London tech start-ups among Europe's hottest

“It's also great to see three fintech companies [TransferWise, GoCardless and Duedil]. It goes to show that London attracts not only today's important financial players, but tomorrow's too.”


Europe's hottest startup capitals: London

“Europe is on a roll. Here are the 100 companies causing the greatest buzz, according to the local commentators, investors and entrepreneurs we surveyed.”

City A.M.

Shrinking company lifespans signify the start of the magnesium economy

“Business has been too slow for too long, says Damian Kimmelman, founder of the disruptive data business Duedil. With the internet barely 20 years old, there’s much more anarchy to come. He talks of challenger businesses moving into markets quickly, like fast-expanding suns.”

Programmable Web

Invest Europe: But Do Your DueDil First

“How can you calculate the goodwill value if, for example, you don’t have a handle on the parameters of their intellectual property? Duedil has it.”

The Telegraph

Start-ups asked to pledge equity to charity

“The Founders Pledge scheme is being led by Damian Kimmelman, director of financial information website, who said he is in talks with investors and other business owners to establish the initiative.”

Irish Times

The companies they keep

“Data provided to The Irish Times by Duedil, a company-data group, raises questions about how well the sector is regulated, with multiple directorships and companies registered to the same address.”

Business Insider

13 Hot London Startups You Need To Watch

“Duedil was founded in October 2010. It's building out a free database of information on private companies, including their financial information.”


Funding Daily: Be lazy, get millions

“The Duedil tool lists company information such as accounting data, any legal issues that company has run into, backgrounders on the directors at that company and more.”

Sky News

Investors Share Perfect Start-Up Secrets

“One of fund's investments, Duedil, is disrupting the business information market, making previously difficult to access data accessible and relevant.”

Pushing the roundabout

“Damian Kimmelmann, founder and CEO of business information and intelligence firm Duedil disagrees that London can ever truly rival California, but he says there are advantages to being in Europe.”

Your Hidden Portal

From Starbucks to the start-up across the road, why Duedil Matters

“With 20 years of financial history of UK-registered companies made easily searchable, on Duedil you will get anything from a free credit report to intellectual property records, and many business choices will become much less of a gamble.”


Stimulating demand for open data in the UK

“Open data, employed in combination with open platforms, such as APIs (Application Programming Interface), open standards and open licences, expands the network of minds and unlocks the data's latent potential.”

London Loves Business

London's top 20 Fin-Tech start-ups

“It’s a business journalist's dream. A free-to-access, database of company information that is damn easy to navigate. Duedil (a play on due diligence) aggregates information from various sources such as Companies House and credit ratings.”


Small Business Failures: How to Learn From Them

“I think one of the most important things you can do in a start-up is really learn how to make mistakes quicker and extended successes... to be able to make mistakes that won’t cost you your business and learn how to figure out what is going right.”


Startup of the Week: Duedil

“The platform — which aggregates data from sources including Companies House and credit ratings — allows users to search a business's latest accounts, shareholder structure and the background of company directors.”

The Times

How to get started as an entrepreneur

“Young people have been hit hard by the economic crisis, with youth unemployment in Britain now above 20 per cent. Starting a business is an increasingly popular alternative to trying to make it in the rat race.”

Growing Business

Cambridge Cluster shares its fast growth company data with the world

“Rich data behind Cambridge2U map has been provided by professional social network LinkedIn, business information database Duedil, the University of Cambridge, Cambridge Angels, and leading Cambridge trade bodies. Companies are displayed on the map using graphics akin to an online Monopoly board, with the number of employees within a company represented by ‘office blocks’ increasing in size according to staff numbers.”

The Telegraph

Duedil hunts for buried treasure in small businesses

“Duedil [...] has built a system which allows users to search all of a company’s information, from its latest accounts to its shareholder structure and directors’ backgrounds. What makes it different from the Companies House website is that it is free, as well as being easier to use, and allows you to refine searches and compare businesses with their rivals.”


What skills do startups really want?

“What skills are startups looking for in a new hire? In terms of job areas, 33 percent of vacancies are for developers followed by 25 percent marketeers. Product managers trail in at 13 percent implying that marketing your startup product is more important than designing it well.”

The Guardian

Duedil map the UK recession by region and sector

“Corporate sector open-data experts from Duedil have analysed data on UK business closures between 2001 and 2011 to develop a breakdown of its impacts by region, by sector and over time.”


Infographic: 2008 financial crisis led to closure of 800,000 businesses

“With Britain currently in a double-dip recession, Damian Kimmelman, chief executive of Duedil, said lessons must be heeded. “Regardless of the economy's specific route to recovery, it is obvious that there is a pressing need for clearer understanding of the country's business landscape.”


Duedil backed to open up company information

“The London-based company has raised more than £1m in funding from a number of investors including Ms Coutu and existing backers Passion Capital and Wonga co-founder Jonty Hurwitz.”


Duedil Raises Another Financing Round For Its Free Company Data Platform

“Duedil recently hired Naaman Tammuz, who recently graduated with a PhD in Atomic Physics from the University of Cambridge, and Ahmed Medhat, who graduated from Oxford University and is focusing on developing machine learning and network analysis techniques to extract greater insight from Duedil’s data.”

Business Weekly

Cambridge power group puts tech cluster on world map

“A groundbreaking web resource has been created to promote the Cambridge UK technology cluster to a world of new business.The not-for-profit initiative is spearheaded by The University of Cambridge, Cambridge Enterprise, SVC2C, Trampoline Systems, Cambridge Angels, Cambridge Network, Duedil, Startup Intelligence, One Nucleus, Venture-Valuation and Linkedin Corporation. Business Weekly is the media partner for the project.”


“Duedil gives free access to governance and financial information for every company in the UK and Ireland, and combines this with data from online sources, APIs, social networks, and more. Duedil was launched in April 2011, by entrepreneur Damian Kimmelman. Since April the team has grown from six employees to fourteen.”


Open data

“The economic contribution of these new businesses will overtake the contribution from open government data alone. Several examples point to such a powerful economic impact: for instance, in late 2011, Duedil, an open data start-up, was valued at around £20 million by investors keen to acquire the company.”


The best free resources for an online start-up

“The goal is to create a compelling narrative on every company in the UK. When data is beautifully presented & digestible, it becomes intrinsically compelling.”


Welcome to the reputation economy

“His free service offers inside information on every company in the UK and Ireland, and their directors, based on a combination of public records and 900 news websites. Ten billion pieces of information on everything from litigation to financial results and credit checks are indexed and presented in an easily digestible format that comes complete with 'red flags' - the first step on the long road towards a reputation system for businesses.”


How 'techy' is London's Tech City? Answer: Actually, not very

“A blog post by financial services company Duedil, which blew the whistle on the “real tech startups” in the area, said that it had identified only 250 digital companies of high growth and a strong sense of technology orientation.”


Growing Gains

“Duedil is the first company to bring all this information together on one site free of charge.”


Can Big Data in Finance Lead to New Metrics?

“A Lexis-Nexis-meets-Google-meets-LinkedIn style of service that aggregates public data on companies from a variety of databases, then uses that to create new metrics to indicate how solvent or successful the business is and will continue to be.”